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Personal personal person.

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i have a disease. it's called being human and i have to get treatment

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きれいごと言うなよ あんただってこの町に呼ばれたんだ おれと同じだ 善人面するんじゃねえ!(SILENT HILL2/エディー・ドンブラウスキー)

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when you leave my colours turn to grey.... & i prefer it that way~

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we need to stop attacking picky eaters and go after the real enemy: white people who deliberately avoid trying food from other cultures for the sole reason of that food being foreign

i'm going to do it.... i'm going to take care of.... my mental health!!!! i swear it'll happen this time..!!!!!!!!

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もう私には必要ない。これはただの死体だ(SILENT HILL2/ジェイムス・サンダーランド)

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Harassing individuals will not solve systemic problems. It's not the same as deplatforming. It's useless abuse and no leftist should engage in it. We have infinitely better, established, *proven* methods of seeking consensus, settling disputes, and affecting change. Use those.

looks at the camera in the silent language of 'i told you so' yes i am quite superior!!! D-:

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oh right, the pronouns... the pronouns in the bio.... pronouns specifically written for the bio
... pronouns in bio... twitter.com/the_best_zahir/sta

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Congrats to Chris Mosier, who just became the first known trans athlete to compete in the Olympic Trials in a category other than their sex assigned at birth! A big moment in the lead up to Tokyo 2020! 👏👏👏 twitter.com/thechrismosier/sta

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