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i hate the negative ppl who r like “nothing matters we live on a rock” girl i like this rock

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"mentally ill people shouldn't be therapists"

the renowned psych who created an internationally used technique (DBT) has borderline personality disorder

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Autistic people are good at pattern recognition and unfortunately sometimes it means I get anxious about things that people don't understand, but then it turns out that I was right to be anxious, which actually sucks because it reinforces my anxiety.

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Brian Williams just called covid the largest mass-death event in modern times and I am really tired of people forgetting that from 1997-2005 over 2 million died from HIV/AIDS every year. Over 3 million in 1997.

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To unlock the door, you need to download Flappy Bird on your phone

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yeahh kick those dumbass borderlines who totally do this on purpose every fcuking time ~

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watching a youtube video on bpd splitting.

therapist: as a key part of therapy we need to teach them how to integrate-
video host: & grow up a little bit!! bc [makes some hand gesture] a lot of it... happens at a... young ag.. yeah

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reminiscing about how in dexter, teen dexter was played by michael c hall in a wig and no other effort to make him not look like he was 35-42 over the course of him playing teen dexter

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Sorry I didn't respond to your reply, I was thinking about to say for several hours then either felt overwhelmed and gave up or forgot to send it

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