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I don’t believe in the Grand Canyon I don’t think that it’s real

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@DCIJaneTennison@twitter.com Hi Jane, thanks for getting in touch - we've raised this internally for you. The Women's Unit has been renamed "Maternity, Obstetrics & Gynaecology", and we will be removing any remaining old signage as soon as possible.

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I can’t decide which flavor of embalming fluid looks the most delicious

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(whispering to my date as we pass three guys who are roughly the same size) The Brothers Three

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My dad couldn't find google chrome on his laptop, so I did this😂

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i didn't write that but i don't necessarily disagree either

i’m probably gonna get hate for this but truth is...lil nas has the best project of the year. i wanna lose my virginity to this project, get married as it plays in the background, & pass away comfortably one day knowing this masterpiece will be played at my funeral. 😢💕

going to listen to Montero (the album) for the first time w/headphones while i feed the dogs later

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me and my team have set up a “baby registry” for many charities if you guys would like to donate.


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it's Logjam City, Jake. Logjam City!! here we are #YesBot !