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when they told you that knowledge is power, you should have asked whose

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people might argue that not wearing a bra is unprofessional however i feel that looking at someone’s chest and analyzing it to determine if they’re wearing a bra and then making a comment about it is unprofessional :) just saying

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hey guys i've got a little less than a month to get my lil dog's surgery funded. pls he is such a good boy. gofundme.com/f/2rwt2-help-bail
or my venmo is pell-leliu.
i make chainmail armour and accessories too, and anything i sell is goin toward my boy etsy.com/shop/ClockworkMedieva

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Someone else's gender identity makes so much more sense when you realise that it's actually none of your business...

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most people plan on voting. what people take issue with is the rhetoric that voting is a heroic act—the government wants you to feel that way so that we can blame each other for its own state-sanctioned violence.

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i'm interested in discussing this business with the anti-trans ppl

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i haven't finished the quests leading up to Hancock becoming a possible companion & i haven't been to the Institute yet.

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