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ok the year is at least 28 minutes old, it is no longer new

men. but also, i don't really know, but, maybe in this instance i'm referring to someone in particular. not necessarily! but. possibly. a small bit. maybe. who knows


More like Happy POO Years, am I right, guyyyyyyyys?



welcome to the future your possibilities are endless buckaroo I believe in you



It's a new year.

Let's work together to make it a better one.


ayye me scusee, paisano. i'm Mr Burrito, the human pizza, we spoke earlier

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2021, the year i finally watched the entirety of the Twin Peaks series and read the bulk of Junji Ito's work

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it's Logjam.City!!

it's Logjam City, Jake. Logjam City!! here we are #YesBot !