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this has to do w twitter user keffals, if any keyword searchers are lurking,, lurkily

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also from one autistic to another, text-based communication, that's what we have to rely on and I highly recommend you do something in person where you have actual social cues present to work with. just don't 😬

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the power of that person's transmisogyny compelled them to tweet all that, that's what

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the sexual train thing is a crass online joke and nothing more

that roy*l family tweet is getting thrashed lol

purchase kiwifarms original url to have it immediately redirect to goatse

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I've proceeded to team matching at my current job but I'm in limbo temporarily. 😸

I need to help relocate my family to Seattle. Obviously my job will not pay for all three members of my polycule and a roommate to move.

I'm also gonna need a new laptop, new clothes, and probably a new vehicle.

Anyone care to pitch in to my "abscond from Oklahoma" fund?
CashApp: $TheRealElizafox

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it's Logjam City, Jake. Logjam City!! here we are #YesBot !